Western Row Road Interchange Improvements

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A NEW WEBSITE has been developed for the Western Row Road Interchange Project that will provide information about the continuing development of the current Preferred Alternate (ALT 6 with loop ramp). You can follow the development of these improvements to completion at: www.imaginewesternrow.com.

Study Description
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The current interchange has dual southbound on-ramps and dual northbound off-ramps. The interchange is located at the terminus of an originally proposed regional highway and later built as a partial interchange to serve Kings Island Amusement Park opened in 1972. At that time there were no other major traffic generators in the area. Due to changing economic development requirements and increasing congestion on local roads in the area, a complete interchange design to service movements to and from the north is required. A Conceptual Alternatives Study that considered problems and needs for interchanges on I-71 at Western Row Road and SR 741 is complete.

Improvements to address projected traffic by a full interchange, which is needed at Western Row Road, are currently being explored in detail. The next step in the ODOT project development process, the PDP, is the Analysis of Feasible Alternatives and is underway.

Study Documents

WAR-71-3.62 Project Development Process

Public Involvement Meeting Exhibits and Comment Form

A public involvement meeting took place on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at the City of Mason Municipal Center. The meeting was provided for the public to view exhibits for the upcoming interchange improvements, ask questions, and provide their comments. Below are PDF links to each exhibit that was presented at the meeting and the comment form. For additional information, please contact the Warren County Transportation Improvement District at 513-695-3301.

Great Video SummaryProject Video (79.2 MB) Large File – May take a moment to load

Comment Sheet

3D Renderings
Recommended Preferred ALT – revised

Following the July Public Involvement Meeting, project planners developed an Interchange Modification Study (IMS) for the Western Row interchange, consistent with ODOT’s project development process.

Based on the feedback received throughout the public involvement process, and traffic data from the IMS, project planners determined that the addition of a loop ramp from eastbound Western Row Road to northbound I-71 will improve the level of service for traffic moving through the Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive intersection. Therefore, the Recommended Preferred Alternative presented at the public involvement meeting was revised to include a loop ramp, and this configuration has been approved as the new Recommended Preferred Alternative. A pdf of the new design can be viewed here:

Recommended Preferred Alternative (Alt 6)